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JUDY INMAN, GRAPHOLOGIST AND AUTHOR OF HANDWRITING ANALYSIS, A Common Sense Guide, presents a newly discovered collection of letters written by Isaac M. Yoakum, a young Confederate soldier from the 11th Texas Cavalry, circa 1862-1863. From Camp locations in Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee, Isaac's letters refer to historical events as they unfold in the war around him. Major highlights are references to the Regiment's involvement at the Battle of Pea Ridge in Arkansas, the Siege of Corinth, Mississippi and the Battle of Stones River in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Of particular interest are names of those killed and wounded from Co. F through Isaac's first-hand account of the Murfreesboro battle, where he was twice wounded and later died. Also mentioned are prominent figures in our American heritage, including:

President Abraham Lincoln, General John H. Morgan, President Jefferson Davis, Colonel William Brent, General Stonewall Jackson, Lt. Col. J.M. Bounds, General Robert E. Lee, Colonel William Young, Colonel Andrew J. Nicholson, Lt. Wilson B. Allen, Colonel George R. Reeves, Major Otis Messick, General Geo. B. McClellan and Jesse James.

Names of Confederate soldiers/officers mentioned: Apple, Ashford, Baker, Boren, Braley, Burks, Burnett, Caveness, Cummins, Delk, Evans, Fitzpatrick, Gile, Gwaltney, Gutherie, Hamil, Harrison, Hart, Hawley, HIndman, Holmes, Houston, Latimer, McCart, Moore, Murrell, Penick, Pevler, Reed, Robinett, Sadler, Saunders, Tillman, Underwood, Welch, Wells, Yoakum, and Young.

Historically detailed, this 140 year old collection of letters and documents outlines the times and struggles of a young Texan whose life was centered around home and family. This thought provoking inspiring account is sure to touch every reader. SC/110 ppgs. Copies of original letters, photos, sketches and location map.




Handwriting On the Wall: An Autobiography by Graphologist Judy Inman


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